TIIKM Sri Lanka invites you to send you research papers for the International Conference on Non communicable diseases – 2017(ICNCD 2017) which will be held 28th – 29th July 2017 in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia with the theme of NCD 2017: Global Responses to a Global Epidemic.

International Conference on Non communicable Diseases – 2017 provides   an open forum for the academicians, researchers, clinicians, professionals in Public health, Practitioners, Social staff, to enhance their knowledge in the area of Public health and its restrictive necessities.

The WHO has indicated that the non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, are the leading causes of mortality in the world. Largely considered as an epidemic, the NCDs are an under-rated cause of poverty and appear as obstacles to the economic development of many countries, especially those in the low to moderate income economies. Major Non communicable diseases are due to tobacco use such as in cigarette smoking, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity, over-weight/ obesity, raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar and raised cholesterol.

However, the NCD threat can be overcome using existing knowledge and technology. The solutions to this epidemic are highly cost-effective and could be adopted by all nations worldwide. In this regard, comprehensive and integrated action at country level, led by governments, is the means to achieve success in the long run.

the International Conference on Non communicable diseases – 2017(ICNCD 2017)

Conference Tracks

  1. Mortality and Morbidity
  • Reducing mortality and morbidity from NCDs
  1. Behavioral Risk Factors
  • Reducing harmful use of alcohol and drugs
  • Reducing incidence and prevalence of physical inactivity
  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Reducing incidence and prevalence of obesity
  • Reducing harmful diet and eating practices
  • Promoting healthy sleep hygiene
  • Promoting excellent and positive mental health
  • Promoting healthy work practices and ergonomics
  1. Biological Risk Factors
  • Reducing incidence and prevalence of raised blood pressure
  • Halting the rise in diabetes and obesity
  • Prevention and control of chronic kidney diseases
  • Prevention and control of dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases
  • Prevention and control of gout and gouty arthritis
  • Prevention and control of rheumatic diseases including the arthritides
  1. National Defense Responses
  • Provision of drug therapy to prevent and control chronic diseases
  • Provision of essential medicines for the community
  • Integrating TCM and modern medicine
  • Social health insurance and policies
  1. Case-Mix for NCDs
  • Case-Mix and Case-Mix Index for NCDs
  • Measuring Case-Mix and quality of care
  • Case-Mix measurement and assessment of quality of hospital care

We invite you to submit papers for ORAL and POSTER and VIRTUAL selection.

Make sure you submit your abstracts only at abstract@ncdcongress.co on or before the 02nd of May 2017. If accepted by the reviewing committee, your research findings are entitled to all modes of Oral, Virtual or Poster presentations.

View abstract guidelines at Click Here

Considering the time available for presentations followed by the discussion sessions, we have decided not to exceed the following presentation limits in the conference, provided that the Quality is the prime focus throughout the event.

  • 200 Oral Presentations
  • 50 Poster Presentations
  • 20 Virtual Presentations

If you wish to be a presenter at ICNCD 2017, reserve your slot now itself!

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